Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zooming into the Reading Class: Prezi

Although I have been using Prezi for quite a while, I decided to go to the session mainly because when I met Hakan in the morning he said that even for people who know how Prezi works the workshop will still be interesting. And he was right!
I actually only used Prezi for presentations or summaries but Hakan Senturk's workshop made me see other possible uses of this great web 2.0 tool. Hakan uses Prezi to develop his learners' reading skills and I think it must be enjoyable for his students.
Hakan creates pre-reading and while-reading tasks in one Prezi. He showed us one of his creations which was based on Vikings text. What I loved the most about it is the fact that Hakan thought out quite well how to define unkown words: for some words he just added the definitions above the zoomed-in word, or (this I loved!) he just added a youtube video with the action verb illustrated. It makes it so much easier for learners to understand what this or that action is.
Brilliant! Thank you Hakan! :)

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