Thursday, June 21, 2012

KET/PET/FCE - Marking the Papers

When I first started teaching FCE, it was quite complicated for me to understand how to score the mock exam papers that my students completed once a week.

Having attended a few Cambridge webinars related to these exams and having had a look at a few websites, I began to understand what the scores are and how they are calculated.

As a result I managed to put this Prezi together to help teachers understand the scoring of KET/PET/FCE for Schools.

I hope the Prezi helps you too!


  1. Annita,
    Would you give me a hand to see if I can understand about marking and assessing a FCE exam?
    Student A got
    Reading 13/30 = 8.66
    Listening 18/30 = 12
    Use of English 31/42 = 14.76
    Writing = 15
    Speaking = 15
    Total:65.42 This result would me a C
    Am I right? Thanks in advance
    Hugs fried

  2. Hi Debita! You are absolutely right, that would make it Grade C which means the student is at B2 level.

  3. Lovely I finally got it! Thanks Annita.

  4. Anna, would you please explain to me the score system? I don´t know how to do it.

  5. how to grade the writing to get a mark of 15?

  6. Samantha, I have replied to your message on Facebook.