Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building your PLN

As a big fan of PLNs and PLEs, I got up early today to get to SECC by 8am for Nik Peachey's 'How to...' session. The conference centre is so quiet at this early time in the morning that it feels a bit strange.
-Personal Learning Network is really about people who you learn from and connect to, - says Nik Peachey at the beginning of his 'How to...' talk. 
The big question to think about before building your PLN is "What do you have to offer?" According to Nik if you have something to offer to people around the world, then you should start building your PLN and the first step is to start blogging. Nik suggests using Posterous to new bloggers.
In terms of using Twitter, Nik says that using TweetDeck is the easiest option for sharing/tweeting on Tweeter as the interface of Twitter itself is a bit confusing. These are just the basics of your PLN. 
It is also important to use a social bookmarking site to share links that you find useful wit your network and also to learn about new sites from people you are connected to.
Start sharing with your network when you find something useful. could be used for this purpose as everything you have collected from around the Web is compiled on one page and people from your network can easily see it. The more you use this site the more it understands what you are interested in and suggests similar sites that match your interests. This way you might discover and share even more.

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