Saturday, March 31, 2012

12 Steps to Webinar Success

This workshop with Sarah Milligan was particularly interesting to me. I have never given webinars only attended a few but I would like to take online/blended teaching one step further.
The first question discussed was "Why give webinars?" Webinars are easy to access, useful for professional development, for collaboration with teachers around the world and they are fun! 
Webinars are similar to f2f meetings in a way that they are synchronous and have the same aim. They are different because people are not in the same place and they are audio and internet reliant. 
There are a few platforms for organizing free webinars, such as Skype, Elluminate, Wiziq and Join the meeting. 
The rules for webinar success are the following:
1. Decide on the type of session you are giving. Is it a presentation, workshop or training?
2. Get the message across. Make sure that your participants know that the webinar is available. To do this you can use Eventbrite.
3. Prepare and remind participants (and then again)
4.  If you have a guest speaker, let the person practise the speech online beforehand.
5. Manage your participants. (Post  a set of rules, give and take back control.)
6. Have the sound checked before the webinar. 
7. Materials should be readable and not with a lot of text on each slide.
8. Go slow! Try not to speak or go through slides fast online due to your participants' web connection speed.
9. Interaction and tasks. (Introduce-Demonstrate-Interact-Give tasks-Give feedback)
10 Share details and hand-outs with your participants.
11. Give Feedback.
12. End on time.

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