Sunday, June 17, 2012

Diigo, and Pinterest - Bookmarking Tools

A friend of mine asked me about the difference between Diigo, Scoop.It and Pinterest and while replying to her, I thought that I could actually blog about it. So here we go!

Diigo was actually the first bookmarking tool that I started using. I don't think Pinterest or functioned then. Maybe they did, but I didn't know about them.

Diigo allows users to bookmark a webpage, to highlight it or to attach sticky notes. All bookmarks, highlights or notes can be shared with groups in Diigo or they can be kept private. To make finding links easier, tags can be used. The tool also allows users to upload pictures and save them. There is also 'Read Later' option which one can use when they have found an interesting article to read but do not have the time for it. Not to forget what they wanted to read later, they can bookmark the article in the 'Read Later' section and then find it easily.

Diigo has an optional bookmarklet which allows to bookmark any website from the browser without opening up the Diigo page. However, and Pinterest also have these bookmarklets so this is not something specific to Diigo only. Although I don't use Diigo very often nowadays because of Pinterest, I still have the account and bookmark important articles or save links to my Diigo library if they cannot be Pinned.

Pinterest is also a bookmarking tool, however it bookmarks pages on which images can be found. If there are no images, a message comes up saying that the page cannot be pinned because no pinnable images were found. This is a bit disappointing really but still I think Pinterest is a great tool. I mainly use it for videos that I want to return to. I also have an educational board on Pinterest where I pin various infographics and articles related to teaching and learning.

It is easy to create separate boards and then pin links to them according to their topic. The same can be done with In general I think and Pinterest are more or less similar. The biggest difference between these two bookmarking tools is that the scoops on come up with snippets of the text which can be read through but on Pinterest only images can be seen.

Commenting, sharing, embedding, re-pinning/re-scooping are all available with both tools.

Another difference between these two tools is that on you can manage sources by adding keywords of topics of interest to the dashboard and with one click searches the web for blogs, articles and more that match your interests. The links are then suggested for scooping and then can be scooped, removed or discarded. Keywords can be easily edited at any time. The free account on allows 5 topics.

Overall, all the three tools are great and easy to use. It is just a matter of personal choice which one to use and for what reason.


  1. My dear and good friend Anna,
    Congrats and thanks for your post. It's so awesome and easy to follow, perfect summary and reflection on each of these bookmarking tools.
    I must confess that Diigo seems to be the most complete tool for me, but I agree that using Diigo along with Pinterest is like a perfect combination to save both text and images, and after all it's a way to prevent being overwhelmed by so many tools.
    Now, how about reflecting upon our PC keeping, I save my lesson plans in, to be able to share them, but also in Word docs and PPT docs, but when it comes to "PC keeping" I sometimes find "housekeeping" easier, well not so much so ...
    Thanks again and hugs

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  3. Hi Debita!
    Thanks for your feedback my dear friend. :)
    I use Google Docs for documents in Word. I upload them to that tool and have access to them from any computer and can share them as well. Google Docs is also very useful for collaborative work on a document and the documents don't take up the memory of my computer. :)
    Click on Documents Tab at the top of your Gmail account and on the left-hand side click the Red icon to upload a document. Choose the document you want to save online and then make it either private or public or just simply share it with anyone you want. :)

  4. Hi Annita, me again
    Yes, I use Google docs, also for teaching online. Now, I am also using Google Drive, which allows you to save all your docs and you can have access to your PC from anywhere. You see that when we share we go on and on ... love it.
    But what I meant about "PC keeping", was to reflect upon the difficulty of saving the docs and ppt, and other formats, so we are able to keep our lesson plans and attendance report,and ... I mean we have lots of info in our PCs and sometimes, don´t you find it difficult to find a certain resource, info, doc.? OK I'll post my reflection as soon as possible, I need to order my ideas.
    Hugs Annnita

  5. Does categorizing docs help? I am looking forward to your refelctions Debita! Hugs friend!

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  7. You are most welcome, Leona. Glad that the information is useful. :)