Saturday, March 31, 2012

Singing, Chanting and Rapping

This workshop with Jane Harding da Rosa was very inspiring, it also made us all feel energetic and put us all in a good mood.
 Jane started by rapping: "I like it, I like it a lot." That was amazing. This could work as such a great warmer activity. In this first part Jane used affirmative and interrogative sentences plus short 'yes' answers in Present Simple. This could also be used as a drilling activity for this tense. She also suggested another option with it going like "Why did I do it? I shouldn't have done it, etc." A simple idea and such a great one!
 Then Jane introduced a chanting activity to drill vocabulary (vegetables in our case). The pictures were shown quickly and Jane kept on pointing at the places where the pictures had appeared (almost dancing) and we had to remember what was in that place and as it was done very quickly we were all chanting involuntarily. I loved this idea too!
 There were many other activities that were based on rythm and intonation. We all sang, chanted and rapped! Fantastic!
 Thanks Jane! 

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