Saturday, January 24, 2015

DELTA Module 3 Reading List

Before my course started, I wanted to read the books necessary for the third module to be prepared but I couldn't find much on the reading list for Module 3. When the course started, I realised how useful it would have been for me to have read at least some of the books beforehand.

To help other candidates, I decided to share the reading list for the module. Now, apart from the books for your specialism, which you ideally choose before the course starts, there are also books that are a must-have and a must-read for all specialisms. I will start with those.

The extended assignment for this module consists of five parts. For each part of your assignment, you ideally need to refer to 3-4 books (for your specialism even more), which should go into the bibliography at the end of your assignment. Some books are needed for parts 2, 3 and 4. To write the first part, you need to read quite a few books on the specialism of your choice. I chose Teaching learners online/through distance.blended learning. For this specialism as well as for some others, I will share the book list at the end of this post.

The second part of the assignment is Needs Analysis of your current or potential group of students. You need to read about learning styles, motivation, needs analysis and diagnostic testing. The books to read are:
  1. Graves, K. 1996 Teachers as Course Developers CUP
  2. Graves, K. 2000 Designing Language Courses Heinle and Heinle
  3. Hughes, A. 2003 Testing for Language Teachers CUP
  4. Lightbown, P.M. and N. Spada 2013 How Languages are Learned OUP
  5. Richards, J. 1990 The Language Teaching Matrix CUP
  6. Williams, M. and L.R. Burden 1997 Psychology for Language Teachers CUP
In the third part of the assignment you write your Course Proposal and for this you need to read about the principles of syllabus and course design. The books (in addition to the ones for part two) for this part are:
  1. Nunan, D. 1989 Syllabus Design OUP
  2. Nunan, D. 1988 The Learner Centred Curriculum CUP
  3. Harmer, J. 2007 The practice of English Language Teaching Pearson (not on the list but I found it very useful)
In part four of your assignment you need to discuss Assessment and Evaluation. To complete this part, you again need some of the books from the lists above and also:
  1. McNamara, T. 2000 Language Testing OUP
Part five is the conclusion so you just refer to the books you cross-referenced in part one of the assignment, books related to your specialism.

Now for the specialisms, which are:
  1.  Business English
  2. Teaching young learners/young adults
  3. English for Special Purposes
  4. English for Academic Purposes
  5. ESOL learners with clear specialist needs 
  6. Teaching exam classes
  7. Teaching one-to-one
  8. Teaching monolingual classes
  9. Teaching multilingual classes
  10. Teaching in an English-speaking environment
  11. Teaching in a non-English-speaking environment 
  12. Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning 
  13. Teaching English to learners with special requirements
  14. Language development for teachers
I am sure you will know a lot more about the specialism you choose, so I would like to share the books which I was required to read for Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning  and the books which I found useful for this assignment. A lot of useful articles regarding online teaching can also be found on the Internet.
  1. Dudeney G., N. Hockly and M. Pegrum. 2013. Digital Literacies. Pearson
  2. Hockly, N. and L. Clandfield. 2010. Teaching Online Tools and Techniques, options and opportunities.Delta Publishing
  3. Salmon, G. 2011. E-Moderating: The key to teaching and learning online. Routledge 
  4. Salmon, G. 2013. E-Tivities: The key to active online learning. Kogan Page
  5. Sharma, P. and B. Barrett. 2007. Blended Learning. Using Technology in and beyond the language classroom. Macmillan 
  6. Teeler D with Gray P 2000 How to use the Internet in ELT Longman
  7. MacDonald, J. 2008 Blended learning and online tutoring Gower Publishing Limited.
As in my research I focused on an IELTS exam class, I can also suggest some books for Teaching Exam Classes specialism. These are:
  1. Burgess, S. & Head. K. 2005 How to Teach for Exams Pearson 
  2. Baxter, A. 1997 Evaluating Your Students Richmond Publishing
  3. Hughes, A. 1989 Testing for Language Teachers CUP
  4. May, P. 1996 Exam Classes OUP
  5. McNamara, T. 2000 Language Testing OUP
  6. Bygate, M. 1987 Speaking OUP
  7. Anderson. A. & Lynch, T. 1988 Listening OUP
  8. Nutall, C. 2005 Teaching Reading Skills Macmillan
  9. Tribble, C. 1996 Writing OUP
  10. Kelly, G. 2000 How to Teach Pronunciation Pearson
  11. Thornbury, S. 2005 How to Teach Speaking Pearson
  12. Harmer, J. 2004 How to Teach Writing Pearson