Saturday, March 31, 2012

Closing Plenary - Fish!

Gavin Dudney started the final plenary and said that 50 000 people visited the site yesterday, 400 000 page views with Turkey surfing the site most.
And then it was time for Derek Dick (Fish)
His songs have been translated into 7 languages and have been used in the classrooms and even have been a university thesis topic.
Derek said: As a kid I hated English lessons (they were reading and writing back then). As an adult Scotsman, I understood that you need to learn English properly.
Derek sang some great songs (Brother 52, Family Business, etc) We danced like butterflies and balerinas and sang the Russian way. Great singer with great songs and ideas!!!
There was a raffle at the end of the plenary session. The prize was an iPad and the winner was Sophia R. from Toronton. 
After that on the way out of the conference centre everyone got a bag with a can of drink and chocolate. Now it is time to do the touristy part! :)
Complete session can be viewed here:

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