Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sound Advice or Pronunciation Practice

The talk by Suzanne Cloke was about tools to use when teaching pronunciation, something that many of our learners are struggling with.
 I will not go into the statistics because I would like to share the advised sites with you. Suzanne advises to practice pronunciation with students systematically. She did it over 10 weeks for an hour and half with two groups of her Italian learners. As listening and pronunciation go together, by the end of the course her students imrpoved their listening skills by 95% and their pronunciation skills by 91%.

With her learners Suzanne used:
 But the most interesting sites are: - a site where students can watch and listen to the videos in slow motion by clicking on the snail icon for better understanding of the sounds and repeat them; and where students can shadow speeches. I use this technique as well with my students so I was really happy to hear that it helped Suzanne's students.
I hope this will help your students too!

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