Saturday, March 31, 2012

6 Key Questions for Teachers and Trainers at the Crossroads

This was a fantastic talk given by Jeremy Harmer. It was actually quite a funny one too. Jeremy Harmer has such a great sense of humour.
 During his talk Jeremy read 6 statements and we had to stand up if we agreed and stay in our seats if we disagreed. The blog entry will be very long if I go into details of what has been discussed during this session. So I thought I will just post the questions and then if you are interested we could discuss them through comments.
 So the questions are:
1. Does a good teacher have to be tech savvy?
2. Does correction work or not? Is it just a waste of time?
3. Is testing our students a good thing or a bad thing? Is it something that we have to live with?
4. Is CLIL the future of learning English?
5. How do teachers create rapport in the classroom?
6. Does drilling work? If it does, then why aren't there any sessions on drilling?

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