Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking the Stress out of Writing Long Essays

The talk is being given by Rachel Clark and Madeleine du Vivier and is focusing on 4000 word writing assignments in DELTA Module 3 course.
Actually while I was doing my CELTA course I found the writing assignments quite daunting although they weren't as long. So I imagine how stressful it may be to write the assignments for the DELTA course.
Apparently as failing rates were high due to failure to complete the writing assignments, there was a decision to change the approach to setting the task and helping course participants. Some of the changes have been:

1. Make candidates aware of what is required
2. Encourage independence
3. Provide a written record
4. Make Cambridge ESOL guidlelines more accessible, etc
 Now  to make the task completion easier course participants are advised to address the various stages of the assignemnt separately to make the task manageable. This can also be applied to university assigned long essays.
 I am planning to do the DELTA course soon and I hope this talk will help me.

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