Saturday, March 31, 2012

IELTS in Virtual Reality

This talk was given by Iffaf Khan who designs and teaches IELTS courses online. As an IELTS teacher I was very interested in this talk as I cannot imagine how effective an online IELTS course would be. 
Iffaf's centre use Second Life as their VLE and she says that they have many students who study the course with them and then take the exam successfully. She said that students can choose which and whose sessions to attend throughout the course and when I asked which teacher gives them feedback on their writing, she said that whichever teacher delivered the preparation for that section. That would increase the workload of that particular teacher, I thought, but Iffaf said that their teachers are all very enthusiastic about what they do and that's not a problem for them.
To be honest, at first I thought that students will not consider the use of avatars to be very serious but Iffaf assured me that students don't have any problems with that because they know what Second Life is exactly and thye enjoy it.
I wonder if this would work in my teaching context.

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