Thursday, January 19, 2012

Digital Tools - DreamDoze

This week we are asked to look at some sites which offer various story telling tools. I have looked at three so far: , , and .

I decided to choose dreamdoze for my next General English lesson. It is very fast and easy to sign up for (about 30 seconds) and the activity can start straight away as it doesn't ask to confirm your email address before allowing you in. Wonderful! :)

My plan is the following:

I am planning to have a lesson on predictions with my Pre-Intermediate group with listening and speaking. The lesson is about a man who goes to a psychoanalyst, tells her his dream and the psychoanalyst interprets the dream for him. The whole point of the lesson to revise Past Simple and Past Continuous, to be going to and will for predictions. I thought the DreamDoze would fit in quite well. After the main part of the lesson I am going to ask the students to sit down in front of the computers in pairs and think of a dream and type it in DreamDoze and post their dream. Then the pairs move to another computer and collaboratively interpret their peers dream and post the interpretation. Then they go to another computer and interpret the dream on that computer. At the end they vote on best interpretations for each dream.

I think my students will enjoy the activity! :)

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