Friday, January 20, 2012

Digital Tools - Collaborative Writing

We were given quite a few links to various online writing websites where students can collaborate on their writing tasks to analyse.

The first site I looked at was ThinkFree. To be honest what appealed to me most was the name. I signed up quickly which was good, but then I started having problems with Java. Although I updated it, refreshed the page, restarted the computer, I still couldn't create a document because a message saying that I need Java to use the page kept on coming up. So I gave up and decided to look at it again later.

The next site I looked at was Bubbl.Us and I just couldn't sign up for it at all. It kept on telling me that there was a connection problem, but there was none that I could find, so I gave up again. My first two choices didn't seem to be very good. I will have to try this one later too.

As I had already had previous experience in working with Google Docs I did not want to us it for my task. Instead I wanted to get to know a new tool. So I checked out Entri and Success! Success! I managed to sign up for it and start using it straight away with no problems. :)  I liked the site very much: it's very straight-forward, not many buttons to get tangled up in. I don't think students will have any problems using it.

Next I looked at WriteBoard which one doesn't even need to sign up for. One can just create a title for the piece of writing and start using it. The only thing to do is to share the link to the board with the people who are supposed to be adding/editing or in any other way taking part in the writing process. Very easy! TypeWithMe is more or less the same kind of tool and doesn't require registration. Also very good!

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