Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Tools - Treasure Hunt

The first task was a challenge I have to say. Not really that easy to form an opinion about 12 sites within 30 minutes. I only managed to look at all of them (not very thoroughly) and bookmark them for further exploration.

I didn't spend much time looking at the sites that were for children as I don't teach children at all. So I just bookmarked the sites and moved on.

Number 3 was a fantastic site that I could easily use with my students. I have come across this site before but then forgot about it and was delighted to be reminded about it again.

Number 4 was news to me as I guess this is Nik Peachy's site and I follow his blog with great pleasure.

Number 5 is a very good site for me to use with my students (especially exam students) because in many cases they have serious spelling problems and I think listening and scripting what they hear will help them a great deal.

Number 9 I was not so sure about. I will need to go back to it again to see what else it offers apart from talks by various professionals on various subjects. However, I think the videos could be used as warm-up activities for debates on the same subjects.

Number 11 could be used for choose your holiday and further discussion and also for creating a video guide to your country. Could be very useful for online groups too.

Number 12 is a podcasting site which allows creation of podcasts, but as it mentioned the tool's similarity to Audacity, I got scared because the software frightens me to death. For online audio I usually use Voxopop and Podomatic and don't go near Audacity. :(

Thank you very much for the links! They were great! :)

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