Saturday, January 21, 2012

Digital Tools - Presentation Online

As I love teaching Business English, the tools that we had to have a look at at the end of Week 2 were of a particular interest to me.

As I discussed Prezi last week, I will not repeat myself here. I would like to talk about PhotoPeach and SlideRocket.

Having watched the presentations made using these three tools, I spend a long time thinking which one was the best and couldn't really choose one.

Compared with PhotoPeach and SlideRocket, Prezi has a slight advantage which is the feature of zooming in a part of a text or a picture as if drawing attention to it. However,  that feature is not going to make mere say that I would prefer Prezi to the other two tools. PhotoPeach and SlideRocket are also very engaging.

Last week when I asked my Business English students to prepare a Prezi on Negotiation Skills, they said that it was not difficult to use. Now I would like to introduce them to the other two tools and ask them to choose the one they like most and prepare another presentation.

Although when you have too many options, you spend a long tine choosing, I still think that having options is better than having none.

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