Saturday, January 14, 2012

Digital Tools - Week 1 Reflection

Week 1 is almost over and we are asked to choose one of the tools that we have been introduced to and design a lesson plan.

Well, the tools are as follows:

Edmodo   Animoto   Prezi

Having explored all the sites I became very interested in the opportunities that Prezi was offering. I am sure my Business English students will love creating presentations using this site.

What I am planning to do next week is to get them all in the computer lab and ask them to prepare a Prezi presentation on Presentation Skills as this was the subject of our last lesson's discussion.

Signing up with Prezi is not difficult at all. All my students have a Facebook account and they can all sign up using their Facebook accounts within just 10 seconds.

Next I will put them into pairs and ask them to look at a couple of presentations on Prezi to get some ideas about what the site does and what the presentations look like.

I will quickly demonstrate to them how they can make presentations and give them all 5 minutes to plan on paper what they would like to include in their presentation. They then will get down to preparing their presentations and I will be monitoring and helping if needed. I assume this stage will take about 20-30 minutes depending on the length previously agreed with the whole group.

When the students have finished I will ask them to look at each other's work and comment.

And finally they will be asked to find a video with a good presentation and also add it to their Prezi.

As homework I will ask them to prepare a presentation of how Prezi works and post their links on our Facebook group's wall. They can then watch each other's presentations and comment on each of them by adding descriptions of some features of what the others have missed.

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