Sunday, January 29, 2012

Designing for Social Presence - Pre-Course Presentation

In general I prepare a voiceless presentation for my students before they have to start working on a Moodle platform or a wiki or a blog. However, the idea of making the presentation with a voiceover sounds more appealing.

At the moment I don't have any Moodle-based courses running so I thought of preparing a plan for a wiki presentation. I also want to give an outline of a plan for a VLE presentation, but at the moment I won't be able to produce the presentation itself.

Before the start of a course, I send my students an email with the link to the site they will be using and their usernames and passwords. Pbworks can generate it and for Moodle I just create a generic password which students can change when they first sign in. So my presentations will start from this point.

1. Welcome!
2. Follow the link in your email.
3. Sign in with the username and password provided in the email.
4. Click on the course name and type in the enrollment key given in the email.
5. Edit profile, changing password.
6. How to send a message if help is required or need to send a private message to one of the course participants.
7. News forum for off-class activities and working with forums in general.
8. Course layout.
9. What to do in the first week.
10. How to work with course wikis.
11. Good luck!

2. Follow the link in your email.
3. Sign in with the username and password provided in the email.
4. Edit profile.
5. Course layout.
6. Watch introductory videos.
7. Do the writing tasks on the wiki.
8. Comment.
9. Do the speaking tasks.
10. Read what others have done or comment on the peers' work.
11. Good luck!

You are welcome to comment on my plans. There might be something missing!


  1. Hi Anna,

    this looks comprehensive and clear, maybe a "warm welcome" at the very beginning (which you probably would have added intuitively anyway) and you are ready to roll.

    Good luck!

  2. Hello Mirjam!
    Thanks for the comment. The changes have been made. :) Will get down to the screencast then.

  3. Sylvia Warnecke's comment on my Presentation Plan

    Sylvia: "I think this looks really well structured and easy to follow. What we have said before here in this course is something you could implement: tell the students when you will be doing something and what - i.e. you might have regular times when you will be checking the forums etc.
    You could also indicate how they can check what they have learned, are there quizzes for that, sample answers, checklists?
    I guess it's all expectation management, isn't it?

    I completely forgot about student expectation. :(
    Thanks for the comment, Sylvia. :)