Saturday, January 21, 2012

Digital Tools - Writing Activities Online

Apart from Collaborative Writing Tool sites, there are also other sites which offer practice for writing skills.
Among them are Word Clouds generating sites: Wordle and Tagxedo. I still don't see why they can be useful as they are not really engaging in my opinion. I might be wrong but I think that I could only use them to create word clouds to post those on an online platform with the key words of the week's lesson.

There is also a very useful website for practising spelling and it also gives an opportunity to create various vocabulary tasks: SpellingCity. It requires registration and allows saving vocabulary lists on the site for free. Great!

However, the sites that caught my attention were MovieMaker and Newspaper Clipping Image Generator. Both sites are useful for encouraging creativity in students and also improving their writing skills.
The MovieMaker has a set of setting templates and characters students can choose from and then they will have to write the script for the movie and share the link with their peers.
The Newspaper Clipping allows students to create their own online articles under a made-up name of a newspaper. When the article is ready all they have to do is click Generate and in a second they can read their article in a form of newspaper. They can also download the article and share it with their peers. Fantastic!

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