Sunday, August 5, 2012

World Statistics - Infographic

This was my first attempt at creating an infographic. The topic I picked may seem a bit sad, but that's the reality which could create discussion and maybe change attitudes. 

I am not really sure whether I am right or not, but I think teaching English nowadays is not only about grammar and vocabulary, but also about ideas and general knowledge. Very often our learners do not really know what is happening in the world and learn a lot from the course books that they are using in the classroom.

In a way I think infographics could be used in EFL/ESL for discussion as well as as drilling subject-related vocabulary, for example. 

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  1. Dear Anna,
    Your info-graphic is awesome.Would you let me know which tool you used?
    The info you provide is utterly sad, but also very true. And I also think that we, as passionate teachers ,have much more to do than teaching course-book pages and grammar, if we want to lead our students to work towards a better world. That's our most valuable work, I think.
    I would suggest a project as a follow up in which groups have to create a plan towards doing something positive in one area at least. What would you do , as members of the UN (for ex) to improve the situation in of the the areas we have discussed before?
    It would be great if we could do something together. And then students could share projects. Would be exciting, wouldn't it? We would be pulling down classroom doors!
    Love your work Annita

  2. It's excellent. May I put it up in a classroom?

  3. Your info graphic is great and would certainly spark lots of discussion in any class. Can you tell me how you created it? I'd love to create some myself. One of the teachers I co-teach with does a unit on the current state of slavery in the world and I'd love to use your infographic to help her introduce the subject to our 7th grade students.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Thank you for your comments, ladies! You are all welcome to use it in your classrooms. The tool I used is
    I will write up a tutorial about how to use it today, so that it becomes easier for everyone to use it. :)