Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Illiteracy Types and Rates - Infographic

This is the second infographic that I have created so far and I start to see a bigger potential to using infographics in the classroom.

First of all, it is obvious that infographics provide an easier way of understanding information. Secondly, as they do not contain a lot of information (because it would be quite difficult to follow an infographic which contains too much text), they could initiate a discussion.

For example, with this infographic, teachers could ask their learners to come up with some other forms of illiteracy and discuss why they occur and what can be done to reduce the problem. (Teachers could check out this link to find out more about other forms of illiteracy.)

For me this would be a very useful and (hopefully) interesting way to prepare my learners to speaking sections of exams. But I am sure that this could be used in other classes as well. 

Illiteracy_Types_and_Rates title=


  1. Great! Where do you create your infographics, Anna? (I mean, what tools do you use?)

  2. Hi Barbara! I create them on It's a great tool and easy to use. :)