Monday, April 23, 2012

Virtual Round Table - How to conduct a spicy webinar

Heike Philp also held a webinar about how to present online. Actually Heike gave 20 tips but as some of the tips were the same as Joe McVeigh's (see my previous post), I decided to to share only the ones that are different.

Here's the list that I ended up with:

1. Don't panic. (Panic doesn't help, just makes things seem worse than they are).
2. Get yourself comfortable (Wear comfortable clothes: baggy jeans, slippers,  the presentation is online and nobody is going to see your legs or feet, unless you stand up and start walking around, which, hopefully, you won't) :)
3. Take technical glitches with humour.
4. Even if your children get involved, don't let them overtake the course of presentation).
5. Smile (A gloomy face may scare the participants).
6. Always have a contingency plan, and not just one!
7. Don't smoke or eat during the webinar.
8. Use attractive images (no nudity though!)
9. Use thought-provoking images but don't shock the participants.
10. Converse - DON"T lecture.
11. Acknowledge what your participants have typed in the chat box (by reading it or replying to it by using their names)
12. Write up key points in the 'note' area.
13. Leave time for questions.
14. Wrap up leaving your contact details.
15. Follow the 10-20-30 presentation rule by Guy Kawasaki.

Good luck with your webinar!

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