Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Privacy Online

Data protection and online privacy are actually quite serious issues here in Armenia. In many cases the problem is that people do not really think that whatever they post online even in a private conversation stays online for a very long time if not forever and can be retrieved if need be.

As some of my e-moderator peers have suggested in the forum, it would be good to start the course with a discussion about online privacy to see what CPs know about it or about its protection and then ask them to collaborate on a wiki to compile a list of rules f do's and dont's of online activity.

During their forum discussion as a moderator could guide them and add some points if the group cannot come up with ideas or post some links to articles about online data protection to give them some more ideas for discussion so that later while working on the wiki the CPs don't have trouble adding points for do's and dont's. 

This activity can be done in groups as well, where some participants have to write the rules for good practice and the other group will have to write points for bad practice. 

But actually now that I think about it the main problem could be the antivirus that CPs have on their computers. I have noticed a lot that people buy an antivirus program for one year only and then continue using it forever because they think that even if the antivirus doesn't update anymore, it can still find and neutralize viruses. Their computers crash and they lose a lot of documents and then blame the antivirus software for that but not the fact that it was out of date as a result of their decision. 

In this case participants could also be advised to at least download a free version of antivirus software which will at least be up-to-date although not as functional as its non-free edition. 

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