Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DigItal Tools - Videocasts, Sketchcasts and Video Questionnaires

This week has been really hectic for me: so many tasks to do that I thought I wasn't going to make it. But I seem to be coping well at the moment.

The more I learn about tools available for teachers on the Internet, the more I love it.

This week our first task was to create a videocast. We were given  two questions to answer and could choose either to record our answer with video or without one. I chose a video reply because this was something new for me.

The site is and this is what I created. I am not sure whether my students will be comfortable with videoing themselves or not, but I am going to give it a try. I am going to ask them to do a reading task at home and then record themselves answering the "do you agree or disagree" questions. I think this will be an interesting task for them because in many cases if they disagree with each other, they start interrupting each other. This way they will all be able to express their opinions fully.

The next site I think will be very useful for my IELTS students. The site is and it allows teachers to create questionnaires for their students and then have students record their video replies. This is my reply to the question "How do you celebrate Christmas with your family?" I could just type in the cue cards or sets of questions for the Speaking section of the exam and they could practise speaking at home too. Nik Peachy's blog gives a very detailed explanation on how to use the site.

The last tool was Sketchcast which is a drawing and audio recording tool. I think it is more appropriate for children, but I might be wrong: adults also get excited about various new tools to use to improve their speaking skills.

I liked all the three tools and I am planning to incorporate them into my lesson plans as soon as I can.

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