Friday, February 3, 2012

Digital Tools - Lesson Plan (Speaking)

All the tools I looked at were really nice. It was hard to choose just one.

Adult Business English Learners at Upper-Intermediate level and above 

The task is going to be set as homework so it is not going to take any lesson time.

By the end of this task, students will have
  • practised their speaking skills by recording their presentations and leaving recorded comments for their peers
  • applied what they have learnt at the lesson about presentation skills  
  • practised their listening skills by listening to their peers' presentations
  • enhanced their digital literacy by learning how to record and by recording themselves

The teacher has to create a talkgroup on Voxopop before the lesson starts and invite the students to join the talkgroup. 
At the lesson students learn about presentation skills and listen to some interviews. Then they are given information about different companies and need to prepare a presentation for prospective students explaining why it is good to work for the company that they present. They present in front of the class and get feedback from peers and the teacher.
At home students need to prepare a similar presentation about the company they work for and record it on Voxopop. Then they are asked to listen to the presentations of their peers and leave recorded comments. The teacher also needs to leave recorded comments for the students. 

Students might have difficulties using Voxopop (prepare a screencast with every step explained and demonstrated and post it on the group's Facebook wall right after the lesson). 


  1. Great lesson plan, Anna. It's really interesting. I think Business English students need a lot of speaking practise because, as present or future businessmen, sales reps or corporate managers, they will often have to speak in front of an audience.

  2. Thank you, Azhar! :) I agree with you. For Business English students it is very important to be able to speak infront of audiences, negotiate deals and lead meetings.