Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Digital Tools - ReadThinkWrite

I am impressed by the lesson plan we were supposed to analyze this week. Very creative! It has also been very handy as my students (Advanced level) are going to finish reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini soon.

I would actually like to use some of the plays by Shakespeare in the future  but at the moment I would like to choose The Kite Runner as this is the book my students are reading.

I have asked my students to write out the names of the characters and the main events of the story. When looking through the lesson plan, I found the Stapeless Book tool, which allows students to create an 8-page book.  I thought this would be an ideal tool for them to keep all their notes there. (Although I like the Plot Diagram too, I think the Stapeless Book will allow them to compile all the required information in one place)

When their books are ready, I will ask my students to swap their Stapeless Books with other students and check if any important information or a name of a character is missing. In case of missing information, it is added and the book is returned to the owner.

Next I will send them the link to the Drama Map and ask them to choose first the Conflict Map to write about the conflict and then the Resolution Map (here I will go with the idea in the lesson plan) to decide on the turning point, change the decision taken by the main character and give it a resolution.

Then the students can compare their ideas and choose the best one(s) and give feedback to one another.

I think I still need to think this through to make sure that everything works well. So I can call this a lesson plan draft.

I will do the suggested reading and will also examine the Ideas for Happily-Ever-After Presentations more thoroughly and then post a final lesson plan.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! :)

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