Saturday, June 2, 2012

Google Public Data Explorer - Infographics

A friend of mine has become interested in infographics creation and her interest made me explore some tools.

I found Google Public Data Explorer which allows users to explore publicly available data and share the data found. For me this tool is especially useful because I can use the line graphs and bar graphs to engage my IELTS students in analysing Academic Writing Task 1 by making the graphs more or less challenging  depending on how experienced they are in doing this type of task.

I have chosen a more simple line graph for the first timers...

...and next - a graph with more data to explore:

The one below can be used with any class to talk about the consequences of the financial crisis in Europe. I chose the following countries because of the differing trends they showed. However, you can choose any countries you like: with similar trends, with the lowest unemployment rate, etc.

Looks great, doesn't it? It is also very simple to use and embed in a wiki, blog or website.

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