Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Activity 3.2 - Scenario

Improving IELTS exam-takers grammar

Student A. is a high school student aged 17 in his last year of school studies. He is planning to apply to a university in Germany. He wants to do a degree in Business Studies and needs IELTS 6.5. He is computer-literate and easily finds his way around the site the class are using. Student T. is 22 and is a recent BA graduate and works as a computer programmer in one of the largest IT companies in Armenia. She wants to apply to one of the top universities in the UK. She needs to get 7.5 to be able to apply for a state scholarship. She spends most of her time in front of a computer and is happy as she is not very sociable and is quite shy. Student A. is also 22 and is an Economics graduate who has decided to change her career path. She wants to apply to a university in Europe to do MA in Tourism Management. She needs a 6.5. She is quite hard-working and has just left her job to dedicate all her time to IELTS preparation. She has a lot of time and does all her homework and even more. She is used to working online because of the class wiki and she actively contributes ideas to what else can be added to the wiki. Student S. is a 23-year-old marketing specialist who wants to do another MA in Marketing abroad. He is working with social media and has completed some MOOCs so is use to studying online.

Obviously, all the personas are highly motivated and I as their tutor want them to achieve the score they need by improving their grammar knowledge online.

They will be working on it outside their normal lesson hours and I will be checking their progress through the writing tasks they submit or speaking they do.

All they need for this is a computer and access to the Internet which they all have. The personas get onto their wiki and start reading grammar explanation and doing grammar task, which are posted twice a week to give them time to understand and 'digest' the material. On Saturdays they do their mock exam and I check the accuracy of grammar covered during that week.

One day the personas realise that they produce more accurate pieces of writing and their score for writing and speaking has increased. They register to take the official exam. They take the exam and when they receive the certificate, they see that they can apply to universities of their choice.

The design will help the personas to maximise their learning time and improve their English on their own pace. 


  1. Hi Anna,

    Very detailed - nice scenario.

    Here are some questions for you to think about as you move forward with your project:

    For how long will you run this activity and what aspects of grammar will you introduce to your students?

    Will you produce your own content for the grammar explanations? Will they all be reading passages? What about video explanations?

    Will there be a pass mark for the tasks? What will happen if the students 'fail'?

    I am sure your students will improve their grammar in no time!

  2. Hi Karina!

    Thank you for your comment.

    As I covered the functions of grammar in my previous assignment, I didn't repeat them here.

    I am not really sure how long the project will run. I will have to add grammar tasks as soon as I identify new problems. I would love to produce my own content, but I will have to think about how this is going to be done. The tasks will not be graded, hence the students cannot fail. This is not a compulsory part of the course. It is going to be just extra help for students. As they themselves are very motivated, I expect them to do the tasks.