Saturday, June 25, 2016

Activity 2.1 - Analysing Context: Factors and Concerns

Factors and Concerns:

1. Material

  • All the students have a computer connected to the Internet at home. The Internet can be down at times or other members of their family may be using it. This is not going to be a problem as such, as our face-to-face lessons are not going to depend on how much work students have done on their grammar.
  • Students will need to be able to work in a quiet room preferably on their own. Some of the students have children who can disturb them. However, these students usually work after their children have gone to bed so they will not need to change anything. 
2. Social
  • No groupings are planned for these activities. Students will be working independently and will take responsibility for their learning. 
  • Students may feel lonely without their usual communication with peers. Perhaps some chat room/forum should be added to give them a chance to discuss something that they find difficult. (I already have a chat wing on the wiki they are using, so this may be the solution).
3. Intentional 
  • Generally my IELTS students are very motivated and want to get a higher score than required because this will give them a competitive advantage when applying for state scholarships here. So motivation is not going to be an issue. 
  • Because of motivation some of them may try to do all the tasks in one or two days. As a result they may mix everything up and start making even more mistakes in their application of the grammar rules they have learnt. This can be solved by posting tasks one by one every other day. 
  • One or two students may not want to do the tasks online and might write them in their exercise books and hand them in for me to check. I do not really see this as a problem. As long as they do it, I am fine with that. 


  1. Hi Anna, this looks like a comprehensive analysis of your context. While reading it, point by point, I thought how you may need to think of the type of material in relation to the potential connectivity issues (eg bandwidth and streaming videos). I can see the students are really motivated but does this mean they are ready to take the responsibility for their learning? I guess seeing you in class as well as chatting to others with the integrated chat may address this issue. It is also important they they do not 'burn out' too quickly and so I think your idea of releasing the tasks one by one is a good one as long as they have some 'English practice' time blocked off in their timetable every day.



  2. Hi Ania.

    Thank you for your comments. They really help me think. :)
    Actually the bandwidth is not a problem in Yerevan as the Internet is quite good here and all the students can afford it.
    As thy already have quite a few online tasks on their wiki, I am sure they are prepared to take the responsibility further. In fact, many of them often ask for grammar tasks to do at home. Also many of them know that their writing and speaking scores are low because of poor grammar. This will motivate them to do the work required, I think.
    I agree with you that they may burn out, so I will have to make sure that not too many tasks are posted at any one time.
    Thank you one more time. :)